Painting with Wool by Cornelia Koch / Stop-Motion documentation by Josh Messer

Making stuff fascinates me. As a designer and creative director, I spend way too much time in front of a computer. I compensate by digging my hands (and sometimes feet) into all kinds of materials: I love variety, new challenges and change of perspective. I am no inward-turning minimalist – I love the material world of color and texture in almost any form and I use them to find surprise, beauty and joy, to share my impressions and expressions of our mind-blowingly diverse and beautiful life without ever attempting to understand it.
Formally trained as a designer, I use my skills of composition and aesthetics yet roam freely in often unexpected territories. I switch techniques or work on several projects at the same time, going with the flow of what catches my enthusiasm.
My favorite medium these days is wool. The wool I use is natural sheep wool, hand dyed in many vibrant shades, sometimes mixed with silk, cotton yarn, and alpaka wool from animals I know by first name. The process of creating such a ‘natural artwork’ is meditative, intuitive and physical, yet it requires a lot of planning and interpreting what I envision into a complex fluffy composition, which is transformed into a dense single layer through the process of wet felting. 
Painting with wool requires a fresh way of seeing, combined with a very physical, intuitive technique to translate the imagined into a composition that is, through the wet felting process, transformed like alchemy into its final form. Layers of color, detail and direction move, merge and melt into substance. Compositions emerge, drawn with soft organic fibers and turned into a one of a kind, dynamic, colorful, warm and natural medium. 
But comfort is only comfortable for a while. Then it's time to switch to something else: clay, wax, paper, photography, collage, 'mixed media'– sometimes from the side of the road... new ideas, new experiments, new insights, new joy.